Wednesday, February 17, 2021

AOC Is Daft

 Always good for a cringe-worthy laugh, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweetes this morning.

Governor Abbot of Texas got some kind of green award last week,  This woman is so crazy that even the mildly insane don't want to be associated with her.


Termite said...

Wind turbines don't do so well in ice storms.

The blade brakes have to be locked, because asymmetrical shedding of ice while spinning can cause serious vibrations, leading to catastrophic failure.

Fred G. Bumstead said...

I live in Nebraska.We had a rolling blackout yesterday. I have NO IDEA why they are doing this. Our temp at the time was BELOW ZERO. Here is the notice we got:

This is BULLSHIT ! No one has explained sufficiently WHY this is happening.

POCC said...

I live in N.E. Texas. The electric and heating are made with natural gas...we are still up and warm. Solar works if you have sun,wind...? Only problem has been the water lines freezing.

fred g. sanford said...

We have a coal-fired electrical plant just about 30 miles from me. We had a rolling blackout yesterday. The outages were dictated by something called the SPP, the Southwest Power Pool which covers 14 states.The outages have nothing to do with accidents at the power plants or running out of coal. They are INEXCUSABLE and unnecessary. I am going to raise hell. This is BULLSHIT !

Steve said...

"...when you don't pursue a Green New Deal...."Well chicky, Texas gets between 42-48% of it's power from renewable sources. Looks like you just spewed your line for the day before you researched what you were going to say.

Jonathan H said...

While we haven't had blackouts here, I am glad to have a wood stove and a large pile of wood in the house. No matter what happens outside, I can keep my family warm. It's currently about 20 here.

TechieDude said...

I live in North Texas. The renewables are 30-35%, not 45. That said, as an incentive to do this, TPTB allowed reserve generation capacity to be lowered from 10% to 1-3%. That's the big issue. They can't get more power when they badly need it. I've told more than one greenie here that when it gets hot, they'll burn tires to run the AC. Now I can add, when a freeze comes, you'll burn whatever you have to in order to stay alive.

There's also been gross mismanagement from the electric reliability board.

One thing is certain, this is a year the legislature meets, and there will be serious conversations on how to fix this. These nobs want re-election after all.

The worst of it is the yankees carping about how this would never happen back in (insert your blue-ass yankee state here). To this I say - Go home. Go-the-F-home.

Texas has environmental extremes - heat, cold, wind, floods. We have a once in a lifetime event here. We'll learn and fix it. Every 5 years or so we'll have some sort of thing that'll break your shit - hail, wind, storms, extreme heat. All you can do is prepare.

What I find sad and disturbing is the number of people I see on Nextdoor clamoring for help - "My pipe burst! How do I shut off the water!", or "I need to turn off the water, can someone lend me a key (the tool to open the manhole)". Wow. You have to know how to turn off utilities in your house.

One of the first things I bought when I moved here decades ago was the tool to open the manhole and turn off the water.