Thursday, October 12, 2017

Leupold VX-1

Some of you may remember the Remington 700ADL that I picked up back in 2011.  Fine little rifle, bought off a pawn shop shelf. 

I really liked that rifle, and part of the appeal was the Leupold VX-1 scope that was on it when I bought it.  Those old VX-1s didn't have click-adjustment turrets, but it stayed zeroed, shot well, and eventually it went home with a grandkid.  So be it, that's what PawPaws do.

But, I liked that Leupold well enough that I remembered it.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Ruger American in .308.  Of course it didn't come with a scope.  So, today on my lunch hour I was looking around in Academy and came upon what looked like a pretty good deal.  A Leupold VX-1 on sale.  So, I picked one up.

Later, as I unboxed it, I got a nice surprise.  These turrets are click adjustable, with nice, tactile clicks.  This scope is the standard, 3X9X40, ubiquitous on deer rifles all over the country.    It has a matte finish and the Leupold gold ring around the objective.

Nothing fancy, just a nice little workaday scope.  It should fit very nicely on that Ruger American.  And, for an out-the-door price under $200, I don't think I did bad at all.   It was right at the Amazon price, and I walked out with it.

Now, if I can just remember where I put that set of low rings.


Old NFO said...

They are good little scopes! And they will hold up to .308 recoil! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good deal - a NIB Leupold for less than two C notes is doing it right. You shop awesome.

What power do you normally keep it set at ? I have a 2.5-8x on my .308 but keep it set at 5x nearly all the time.

Retired Spook said...

You can pick up a set of Weaver Quad-Lock rings for less than $15 in most places (I think Walmart has them for $11.99 right now) and they are the best buy out there for scope rings! I think I've got them on every rifle I own, and I'd use them if they cost twice as much!

Just be aware, their "medium" rings would be anyone else's "low".

Counter Jockey said...

I recommend the Weaver "Grand Slam" high rings. On the American series I've found that any lower than high and you get bolt throw issues