Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sunday Ruminations

Finishing my last cup of coffee between chores, I look to the news and see that LSU lost to Troy State.  I had to look twice.  Google it yourself.  I talked with a huge LSU fan last night during the game, and he said that he was to the point where he really didn't care. 

Some wags have said that you can have the best coach in the world, but it the players don't perform, he can't win the game by himself.  That's true, but it's the coaches job to win.  It's called leadership.  If we carry forward the metaphor of football as battle, then we have to recall that we honor the soldiers who fight the battle, but the generals who lose battles are normally sacked.  It is what it is.

LSU's football program is on a downhill slide, and I put that blame firmly in the closet of the last head coach, whts'isnam who should have been run off after the horrible performance  of the BCS Championship game against Alabama in 2011

It'll be interesting to see who takes a knee at NFL games today.  It'll also be interesting to see how many folks don't tune in.  I certainly won't. 

The kids will be over in a little while, and we're cooking Italian Beef.    This stuff is easy, and a real crowd-pleaser.  I recommend it highly.

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