Friday, October 20, 2017

Finally Friday

We worked late last  night, so we can take off today.   In truth, I go my 40 hours done sometime yesterday, long before we got off.

But, I like being off on Friday, even if it comes so infrequently.  Being off on Friday lets me get a start on my weekend, getting the chores done so that I can fully enjoy Saturday and Sunday.

This morning I went to the Planning Commission and submitted the plans and drawings for the shop.  Wrote them a check, and I should get the permits in a week or so.

Came home and mowed grass.  The yard looks good and this might be the last time I mow it until Spring.

Started digging in the 'fridge, and found that leftover roast from Sunday.  I know what to do with that, so I cut up some carrots and potatoes, and have it simmering int he pot.

Every time I walk past it this afternoon, I'll give it a stir.  It's smelling good int he kitchen.

Now, to do some piddling chores that I've been putting off.

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