Monday, October 02, 2017

Well, of Course They Do

It seems that the Dems are already calling for gun control in the wake of the Vegas shooting.

Of course, they are.  The blood isn't even dry yet.

Lets consider for a minute how laws stopped this guy.
1. He used a fully automatic weapon, the most controlled type of firearm in the US.  You can get one legally after paying a $200 tax, undergoing a strict FBI background check,  and paying mult-thousands of dollars IF you can find one for sale.  All of the legal ones were made prior to 1968  OR
2.  Acquiring an illegal one, OR
3.  Illegally modifying an existing semi-auto  OR
4 Stealing one.  THEN
5. I'm pretty sure that killing 58 people is still a felony.  Even in Vegas.

Yeah, I'm sure that more gun laws would have been helpful in this particular case.

Democrats, though, being Democrats, love dancing in the blood.

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