Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Have you ever been under fire?  Have you ever heard a bullet go past?  It's one of those sphincter-tightening moments that is unmistakable and unforgettable.  A rifle, you see, shoots bullets above the speed of sound.  Many times the speed of sound.  You will hear a pop or a whizz before you hear the report of the gun.

Combat veterans know what I'm talking about.  As do the people in the crowd at the Vegas massacre.   

The folks with no experience have no idea, but that doesn't stop them from spouting blather.  There is a bill coming on the floor of the House to de-regulate suppressors and Hillary is running her slack-jawed mouth about how horrible it would be if the madman in Vegas has used a suppressor. 

When, in fact, the topic of suppressors is totally irrelevant to this conversation.  The folks in that crowd new very quickly that they were under fire  Even the Washington Post calls bullshit on Hillary's accusation.  But, you see, even ignorant, ill-informed Democrats have opinions, even if they are the carrion-crows of the political world.

Hillary and her ilk are laughable, simply because they are so wrong, so often.  If she had actually ever been under fire, she would have known how wrong she is.

Suppressors don't stop you from knowing that someone is shooting at you. Only the most ignorant, ill-informed Democrat (but I repeat myself) would harbor such a thought. 

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