Thursday, October 05, 2017

Banning Springs

SayUncle got an Instalanche from a recent piece.  It's worth reviewing here, and I doubt he'll notice the traffic bump from y little blog.   It seems that bump-stocks are the newest boogieman on the liberals hysteria curve.
Bumpfiring is an effective way of turning money into noise. It’s ineffective at shooting accurately. These bumpfire gizmos are basically tubes that go over some part of the gun. And some have springs in them. They’re simple. The loon in Vegas had 12 bumpfire stocks.
Yesterday, I talked about how horribly ineffective the Vegas bozo was at accurate, lethal full-auto fire.  Basically, he didn't know what he was doing.  Thankfully so.  Any gunner I ever trained would have had half the crowd wounded and four times as many dead.  This guy was a rookie.

All that aside, it seems that bump-fire stocks  are the new boggieman of the left. It's a tube with a spring in it.  It's not magic, it's not evil, it's physics. And, it's only good if you want to turn money into noise.  I recall, back in the day, a friend of mine who experimented with gluing a small gun eraser behind his trigger to balance trigger pressure against the sear spring.  It worked, after a fashion.  But again, it was physics.

But, SayUncle recalls (as I also recall), another example  of springs being evil. 
Remember way back in 2012 when David Gregory, clearly breaking DC law, held up an AR-15 magazine and showed it to the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre. He held it as though it had some magical killing power. It’s a box with a spring in it. Yup. All the righteous indignation over a box with a spring in it.
I recall being amazed that Gregory wasn't charged criminally.  He did commit a felony on national television.  After asking permission and being told not to do it. 

Yet, the simple fact of this equation is that a bump-fire stock is a tube with a spring, and a magazine is a box with a spring and the  available evidence is that ignorant, liberal Democrats want to ban springs. 
Now, of all the proposed gun laws the democrats and press (but I repeat myself) are going on about out there, I think this one is most likely to pass due to the hysteria from those ignorant of how these things work
 Because, you know, hysteria and ignorance are good reasons to pass laws. 

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Flugelman said...

Heh. Reminds me of the time I tried to reduce the trigger overtravel on my Bullseye Hi Standard .22 by taping a small piece behind the trigger. Damn thing ripped thru 5 rounds in about half a second. "Dang! What was that noise???"