Monday, October 16, 2017

Hillary Opens Her Pie Hole on Sexual Abuse

Hillary can't keep her mouth shut.  She weighed in on the Weinstein scandal.
We Just Elected A President Who Admitted To Sexual Assault, You Know
Yeah, she actually went there.  As if we don't know that Hillary is married to a serial sexual predator who, among other things, abused young interns in the Oval Office.  His sexual exploits as governor of Arkansas are legendary, and Hillary actively assisted in his defense.  If Hillary had any pride, any sense of self-worth, any character at all, she would have left Bill the first time he humiliated her. 

Hillary has none of those traits.  She's simply a conniving Harpy who saw political potential and decided that she would suffer an humiliation as long as she could ride the wave of political power.  Her statements on sexual abuse run the gamut from protecting Bill to accusing other people of misconduct. 

That trait, more than an other prove that she is unfit for political office.  Thank God she wasn't elected to our highest office.

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Judy said...

Her behavior before her run for office, is why I didn't even consider voting for her. My vote was basically for anybody but Killary Chankles. I have no idea how bad a candidate would have to be for me to even consider her.