Thursday, October 12, 2017

Who is Harvey Weinstein?

If you've been following the news at all this week, you've heard of Harvey Weinstein.    He's a big-shot Hollywood producer who contributed greatly to the political elite, the Democrats.

He's also a serial abuser of young talent.  It turns out that the old story about the "casting room couch" is not simply a Hollywood punch line.  Oh, the stories are everywhere.  It turns out, Harey's predilection for abusing young lovelies was an open secret.    Everyone in the industry knew!  But, Harvey was rich, powerful and gave a lot of money to the Democrats.  Particularly Bill and Hill, so the open secret got swept under the rug.

NBC even killed a story about it.  And now, the DAs in the jurisdictions where Harvey plied his trade are stumbling around the fact that even they covered for him.

It's a huge scandal, and one that affects Democrats.  It's such a huge story that even Ben Affleck wants a piece of the action.

These guys should be smarter than this, but power corrupts.  When you combine power, entertainment, money, politics and the Democrats with bylines (the press), it's easy to see how this story could be swept under the rug.    This entire scandal speaks to the hypocrisy of powerful Democrats.

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