Monday, October 30, 2017


I admit, I'm a bit confused.  Following a link from Instapundit, we come to an article at Slate, which makes the statement; It’s Time to Admit That Allowing Men Into the Workplace Was a Mistake  Just about the time I had decided that the article was a spoof, we come to this little gem.
Let’s start by asking an important question: Is it even natural for men to be in the workplace in the first place?
Just exactly which workplace is she talking about?  The construction workplace?  The shop-mechanic workplace?  The warehouse/receiving/shipping workplace?  The cop-shop or the firehouse?  She really needs to be a bit more specific.   She fails utterly.
To be fair, some men have tried their best to adapt to the working world, instituting strict guidelines for themselves like refusing to dine alone with women. And yet, over and over, they have failed: harassing, assaulting, leering, grabbing, menacing, rubbing, “joking,” and on and on. These failures have cost employers tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements, and harmed tens of millions of women. Think of all the financial and emotional damage that could have been avoided if men simply stayed home where they belong.
This must be satire, more suited to The Onion, than Slate, but it's written in such a way that some folks are liable to take it seriously..  This is  misogyny and sexism writ large.  Some may find it amusing, but the vast majority of people will find it ill-conceived, mildly disturbing, and fairly offensive.  Which is okay, if it is your intent to disturb and offend people.

You want more Trump?  This is how you get more Trump.

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Aesop said...

This is what happens when somebody tries to write Jonathan Swift satire like "A Modest Proposal", with a Taylor Swift brain.