Sunday, October 01, 2017

More PopCorn

Hey, guys, thanks for the support.  With your efforts and mine, we have raised enough money (and sold enough popcorn) for my grandson to throw a pie at his Scoutmaster. 

We ain't there yet, but we can be.  The link to the page is here.

This isn't for me, this supports Scouting, particularly the kids at Pack 12 in Baton Rouge.

I didn't realize until I ordered it, but the product is shipped directly to you and the kids get the money.  Shipping and handling on my order was only $1.05, which isn't bad at all.

Let's push him over the top.  You'll love the popcorn, I promise.

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The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

He's doing awesome. Between online sales, face-to-face sales, and 'show-n-sales' (when you see scouts selling in front of grocery stores,etc) Ely has managed to raise $825 so far! He is shooting for an even $1000, total.

$.73 of every dollar of popcorn sold goes back into the scouting program, and $.30 of that goes DIRECTLY TO THE TROOP THAT SOLD IT! If Ely can hit $1000 in sales this year, he will make $300 to support his Pack, so we can keep doing fun stuff with him and his buddies.

I'm proud of the dude. He's doing great. Thank you all, who have bought popcorn from the boy. He appreciates it!