Wednesday, October 04, 2017

More on the Vegas Shooter

More information is starting to come out about the Vegas shooter (who's name I won't use).  It's coming out in bits and pieces, some of it interesting, some of it sobering, and I feel that during the rest of the week, and month, we will learn more about this evil man.

One article this morning at PJMedia, tells us about the man that Los Vegas police are crediting with helping them locate the shooter.  Mr. Chris Bethel is an Iraq War vet, who happened to be staying at the Mandalay Bay for an IT conference.  The whole article is informative and compelling, but this particular paragraph caught my eye.
Back at home in Fort Worth, he said, "Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going -- changing weapons, changing calibers...." He explained that he could tell that Paddock was using multiple rifles from the sound of the gunfire.
Bethel also felt like he wasn't doing enough, although he was on the phone with police trying to give them as much information as possible.
"The hardest part about it for me is feeling like I couldn't do -- I couldn't get ahold of somebody fast enough," he said.
 He need not worry.  He did good, and has nothing to be ashamed of.   In my mind, he's a hero. 

In other news, it appears that the madman's girlfriend is back in the US and police are questioning her.  It will be interesting to get some questions answered about his motivation on conducting such an attack.

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