Sunday, October 08, 2017

Google Ads

Google Ads are such dumbasses.  Let me explain.

Today, son and I were talking about a project that I'm working on.  We're getting ready to move some dirt to make a level pad, so that we can pour a slab so that I can build a shop.

"Hey, Dad", he says, "we're going to need a transit."

Okay, I understand that, because we've got to level the pad.  A transit is a good idea, although not a tool that we think about every day.  But, he uses one at work, and finds the one he uses, and at about $250.00, it's not a bad idea.  The family can use it for other projects and I can use it for CFDA, leveling targets across a line.

So, we find one at Engineer Supply.  It's the exact same instrument that son uses at work.  It comes with a tripod, a stick, and all the stuff we'll ever need.  This is a lifetime purchase.  An instrument of this caliber should last my lifetime and the lifetime of my kids.  So, I pushed the button, gave them a card number and it's on its way.  Free shipping, 7-10 business days, yada, gada.

An hour or so later, I'm surfing around, and up pops a Google Ad.  For a transit level.

Hey, stupid!  I've already bought it.  There is no sense sending me an ad.  It's on the way.  And, I doubt that I'll be buying any more.  This one should last me forever.

I don't know what algorithm Google Ads uses, but they should know that once I've hit the "add to cart" button, the usefulness of ads is long past.

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Bryn, Isle of Anglesey, UK said...

Amazon pull the same silly stunt whenever I've just paid for something - within hours, I get a "It looks like you have an interest in xxxxx" e-mail ad. Usually it's more expensive than the one I've just bought, but sometimes they do like to rub some salt in with their "look how much cheaper this one is ads.....".
Nice to see you're keeping up there Sherlock/Amazon/Google......