Monday, October 02, 2017

The Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay Shooting

Yeah, it was horrific.  At this count, 58 dead, several hundred wounded, and that count is liable to climb.  I first heard about it when I turned on the computer this morning. 

At this point, late afternoon Monday, there are several things we know.
1.  If you listen to the video, it sounds like he's using an automatic weapon.  Lots of ratatat-tat.  Where he got the automatic weapon is still a mystery, but I'm sure that the police will clear that up shortly.    You know that ATF is digging into that question relentlessly.
2.  This guy doesn't fit the criteria of the usual mass shooter.  It just doesn't make sense that a 64-year-old white guy would light up a crowd of country music fans.  With  an automatic weapon.  It doesn't fit the profile.   I'm sure that the psychologists are going to be looking hard into his psyche. 
3.  It seems to have been pretty well planned.  He knew exactly where he wanted to launch from and he had prepared his battle space.
4. From what I understand right now, he offed himself before the SWAT team breached the room.  That's normally the way these things work out.

We'll be learning more as the week progresses.  A lot of what we've learned so fat is probably wrong, or incomplete, or something. 

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