Sunday, March 07, 2021

Which States Are Unmasked?

**UPDATE**  Connecticut did not end the mask mandate, only relieved some restrictions.  I mis-read the article.  I stand corrected.  Thanks to the anonymous commenter.

Which states have ended or will soon end the mask mandate, or never had a mandate for face coverings?

According to this article, several states never masked.  Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee never had a statewide mask mandate.

Now we have Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia along with Connecticut, joining the states who trust their citizens to do the right thing.

By my count, that is eighteen states who are on the correct side of history. Puppet biden think sthat they are Neanderthal.  Of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci is claiming gloom and doom on those states who open too early.  This is the guy, I might remind you, who has been demonstrably wrong on this thing since day One, and changes his mind almost as frequently as he changes his underwear.  

Louisiana is still stuck in Covid hell, being slowly strangled by a petty, despotic tyrant who refuses to look objectively at the data as it has evolved since the beginning of this massive exercise in population mind control.  PawPaw's House has been decrying the loss of personal liberty and the wrecking of the economy for almost a year.  

I've been right for a year, and Fauci has been wrong for a year.  Maybe they should run his diminutive ass up the road and hire me.  I'll do it a whole lot cheaper than he does.  And, I'll probably be right more often than he is.  I'll certainly change my mind less often.


Anonymous said...

I gotta correct you Paw-Paw, Kommiecticut DID NOT lift its mask mandate. To the contrary, Gov. "Jolly" Ned Lamont stated we MUST keep the mask mandate in place to keep everyone safe. I have been ignoring it since day one, the only exceptions are on medical calls and in a small shop or restaurant so THEY don't get in trouble. On a medical call I wear an N95, and everywhere else I do the 19th century train robber look with a bandana tied as a kerchief, which somehow is supposed to be OK? Outside or in a big-box store, NFW! Our town officials want us to wear masks outside while at the dump. I refuse and they can't enforce it because they know every back road in town would be littered with trash.

robert said...

I took a couple of my Amish buddies down to the highway and we ate us a Big Mac and stood around watching and grinning as the big city folk stopped to eat and gas up . They laughed like hyenas every time one of those city slickers pulled off and drove down the highway wearing their muzzle .

Judy said...

Believe me, the mask insanity is going on in Arizona. We have the dumb-asses in closed vehicles wearing masks. And the lunacy at the doctor's office would be high comedy except they honestly believe the propaganda. I suspect I will be looking for a new doctor, if it goes on for much longer.

The only good thing, in my mind, to come out of this thing is, "If you are sick, stay at home."