Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Happy Birthday, Texas

 On this day, March 2nd, in 1836, a group of Texians, Tejanos, and European settlers where hunkered down in an old Spanish mission in San Antonio, hemmed in my a Mexican Army.  Sam Houston was raising an Army, and David G Burnet formed a government.  Thirty-two additional men slipped through the Mexican patrols and entered the Alamo.  

Today is recognized as Texas Independence Day.  Some are asking if Woke History will cancel the Alamo?  I think not.  Personally, I think that the Woke movement will probably eat itself.  People are beginning to see that the Woke folk are trying to apply standards to other people that they do not choose to apply to themselves.  It is either, (and I can be convinced) and outgrowth, extension, or by-product of Cancel Culture.  It is also arbitrary, capricious, and applied inconsistently.  It's bad business.

But, today is the day that commemorates a bunch of men, of all races, creeds, backgrounds, and aspirations, to stand together and decry tyranny.  In four days, the tyrant would make his move, and a legend would be born.

Happy Birthday, Texas.


robert said...

Gawd bless Texas ! I sure do love the place . Cept those damn skeeters !

BobF said...

Stationed 3 times in Texas. Fantastic place. Last in TX was Austin and spent a week back there years later looking for a job after mil retirement. No go. Now I am SO happy I didn't get one. No, not Austin, thank you very much.