Monday, March 15, 2021

The January 6th Attack That Wasn't

 As I learned about the attack on the US Capitol on January 6th, the prevailing narrative didn't make sense.  As a police officer with 37 years of experience and a good deal of experience in crowd control, I've learned a couple of things.  One is that crowds will act, generally, in a predictable way. You may not like the way they act, but it is predictable.  And, in crowd control, things can go sideways very quickly, so the crowd control effort has to be nimble to react to emerging situations.

The American Thinker has a great piece on the execution and aftermath of the Capitol breach, and it is looking more and more like a left-wing infiltration of the Trump rally.

As reported by the LA Times, FBI Director Christopher Wray's recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was disingenuous.  As covered by OAN,  Director Wray is either incompetent, deceitful, or lying that there was no proof that members of radical left organizations were not involved, “FBI ‘can’t find proof’ of Antifa involvement.” OAN also reports other information against the media narrative that only radical Trump supporters carried out this attack.

It's easy to put on a Trump hat and do things that cast discredit on Trump supports  We'v seen that tactic since Sun Tzu.  Given the experience of the past summer, both watching Trump rallies and Antifa riots, it is easy to tell the difference, and it is becoming plain that Antifa's fingerprints are all over the Capitol breach.  This attack was their Kristallnacht.  The American people deserve better than the deceit and corruption of Christopher Wray.

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