Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Time Change

 Once again, most of the United States went through it's semi-annual ritual of changing our clocks, as it it made any difference in this time of the earlier part of the 21st Century.  Of course, many of us don't have to change our clocks.  The computer and cell phone change automatically.  I still had to reset my wristwatch, but I'm a dinosaur in that I still wear a wrist watch.  The two wall clocks in the shop are correct, because I never changed them in the autumn. Later today, I'll check the clock in the van, because I don't know if it changes automatically or must be manually reset.

For damn sure, the clock in the truck is wrong, I never reset it after changing the battery a couple of months ago.  Ditto for the radio pre-sets.

It's one of those rituals we use to mark time, which is purely a human invention.  The dog has no clue what time it might be, that information is worthless to him.  

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zdogk9 said...

Skip serving the dog's dinner at the proper time and then try and tell us he's not aware of time.