Tuesday, March 23, 2021

RIP, Eric Talley

 By now you've all heard that some nitwit shout up a Boulder CO, grocery store yesterday, killing ten people, including Boulder police officer Eric Talley.  Talley, who is being described as a hero, left behind seven children.  I mourn  his loss.

The motive of the shooter is unknown, but early reports indicate that he used an AR platform rifle in the attack.  A suspect is in custody and I'm sure we'll learn more as he is interrogated.

At this point, all we can do is await further details.  I will lift up all the victims and families in my prayers.


Termite said...

"Boulder Police have identified the shooter in at King Soopers as 21-year-old Ahmad Alyssa of Arvada."

I predict the only thing that will be talked about is the fact that an AR was used.

Wait a minute........don't the "Aloha Snackbar" types generally use AKs?


Anonymous said...

Yep, this event will become memory holed ASAP. Termite - maybe the shooter just preferred to use an AR platform gun. Could be he had prior training in another life with such a rifle.

My condolences to the families and friends of the fallen. And yes, it appears the police officer mentioned was truly attempting to stop the Bad Guy. I hope that means something to his family - it takes a lot of courage to run TOWARDS the danger, especially when you are alone.

It becomes more and more apparent that the best way to deal with a Bad Guy is instant engagement to at least slow him down and allow potential victims to escape.