Monday, March 01, 2021

Senator Bill Cassidy, (Despicable - LA)

 Our embarrassing Senator, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, was running his mouth on CNN yesterday, talking smack about the Republican Party and the former president.

Bill Cassidy is utterly despicable.

I just penned him a note on his electronic page, telling him so.

Bill Cassidy is an embarrassment to the State of Louisiana.  He ran under a false flag, and Ill never vote for him again.  He is not a moderate Republican.  If anything , he is a Southern Democrat.  And, he is utterly despicable.


GJoe said...

How would you like having Lindsey Graham representing you?

robert said...

We have one also here in the Buckeye but thank Gawd he just announced his soon retirement . Rob Portman . Total a$$hat . Votes with dems more than republicans but the big money and the media was always behind him . At least our other senator was an open democrat that loves communism . And had the kahunnas to admit it .