Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Louisiana Moving To PHase 2.6

 We've been stuck at Phase 2.2 for several months, , but with cases, hospitalizations, positivity, and deaths dropping, our petty tyrant governor has deemed to magnanimously reduce the restrictions on the state.  Our liege is most generous.  We still have to go about like common criminals in the night, with our faces masked so that we might not feel as free people.  And, of course, under this tedious tyrant we have no real  cause to feel as citizens, as the Governor has long told us that we are mere subjects who must be constantly reminded that we answer to a bureaucracy.

Our elected representatives are no help.  They allow the Governor to do as he wishes.  Tax, spend, and keep the citizens masked and separated seems to be the word of the day.

I grow weary o this loathsome government.


BobF said...

Can't help but wonder what Huey P. would have done in this last year or so if he were alive. :-)

juvat said...

Move one state west PawPaw, Gov Abbott just announced no more mask edict and opening to 100%.