Friday, March 19, 2021

Trust The Science?

Glenn Reynolds posts and interesting piece at the New York Post about lying bureaucrats ad the way that they manipulate the public, and damage public trust. 

After a year of watching Doc Fauci change his tale on virtually every pronouncement he has made, listening to him tell us that masks weren't necessary, then that masks were absolutely vital, then telling us thing would get back to normal with a vaccine, then changing that stance yet again, it is no wonder that a growing percentage of Americans consider him a quack.  He hasn't been consistent on anything.  He even bragged to a reporter that his estimates on herd immunity were based on public polling.  He would change his numbers based on what he thought the public would believe.  Science Indeed!

I'd love to trust the science, but with Fauci reporting it, I'm never sure what the science might be  He's lied to us before.  Lately, I've become convinced that his pronouncements are entirely untrustworthy, and that those who listen to him have Stockholm Syndrome.

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