Monday, March 15, 2021

At Ease, Sergeant Major

Last week, Tucker Carlson commented on current DoD policy, and started a chain of outrage.  This guy led the way.  Judging from is visible uniform, this guy is a senior enlisted Marine.  He tries to defend his institution, but says that people who have not served have no business criticizing the military.  He's wrong.

So, let's talk about this Sergeant Major.    For my bona-fides, I have 25 years of service, both active, reserve, enlisted and commissioned.  I retired in 1998.  I, certainly, can now criticize the military.

Since the dawn of human existence, we have protected our pregnant females from combat.  Based on Carlson's critique, and the outrage it has spawned, then evidently the DoD has changed that policy.  I feel that this change is a detriment to readiness.

Second, when I served, we knew that we were forbidden from using any DoD assets to respond to criticism from civil criticism.  Absolutely forbidden, lest the public believe that the military was  turning against them.  Has there been a change in that policy?  Is the DoD now allowing members to actively criticize civilians?

Third, there are many retired or discharged warriors who believe that the DoD is losing sight of the primary mission of winning wars in favor of "woke" social programs.  Your video is prima-facie evidence of that perception.  Your viral video may have done more to damage the military than anything Mr. Carlson might have said.

Might I suggest, Sergeant Major, that yo spend less time worrying about what Mr. Carlson might say, and more time addressing readiness.  Spend less time worrying about social-justice issues and more time brushing up on your Mandarin.  The way the military seems to be heading, that time will be well spent.

Or, trot down to Personnel ad turn in your retirement papers.  Either way, the military will be stronger.


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Spot on.

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That guy was Space Command, not Space Force, there is a huge difference.