Friday, March 26, 2021

Celebrating Freedom

 Belle and I are in Sapulpa, OK, attending the Oklahoma State Championships of Cowboy Fast Draw.  We were here last year when we found out that many states were shutting down, and we entered the Covid era.

Oklahoma State normally draws 80-ish shooters, and we blew through that today.  I was talking with the Match Director today and he expects upwards of 120 shooters tomorrow.  This will stress range capacity, but they've had today to sake out the bugs, and things should go smoothly.  No one really cares, because it's been a year with no major matches, and everyone is willing to go-along-to-get-along.  It's going to be fine.  CFDA is a family, and this is like being at a family reunion with people you like.

I got into a couple of really interesting matches today, but didn't cover myself in glory.  Belle, on the other hand, won third place in her category, so we'll be bringing home at least one trophy.  And honestly, that's the way it normally works out.  I travel around the country, getting into gun fights,  and my lady is the one who brings home the trophies.  She is a nationally known competitor, a Range Master, and an expert with a single-action revolver.

Is it any wonder why I try to treat her as well as possible?


robert said...

First gun . First time at the range . My wife shot our brand new High Standard 9 shot revolver and got three bullseyes on her first 9 rounds .; Three cops that were next to us at the state range were cheering and clapping her natural eye . She was so proud and empowered . So was I even though she put me to shame and I grew up in a cop home shooting from quite a young age . It is great to be out shot by your woman ! Nobody ever harmed my babies when Kate was at home . Let me guarantee you all !

dogsledder said...

Congratulations to Belle. You should both be very proud.

Old NFO said...

Smart man... LOL