Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St Pat's Day

 Belle reminds me that today is Saint Patrick's Day.  One her way out the door this morning, she told me that we had been invited to a small gathering to enjoy corned bee and cabbage.  She instructed me to "clean up" and be ready to roll when she gets home from work today.

When I get out later today, I'll have to make sure that I put Jameson and ginger ale on the shopping list. I'm tempted to pick up a bottle of Red Breast, but I'm not sure if this crowd would appreciate it.

Our host this evening believes that Tullamore Dew is the finest Irish whiskey every produced, and there is something to say about that.  It's been my experience the best whiskey is the whiskey you like, the way you like to drink it.


Old NFO said...


robert said...

I'm a single malt guy . Any single malt Scotch or Irish. The Scotch and Irish were at one time one people group. In genetics they are identical to one another . I'm supposing a big bar fight many many years ago Ha!Ha!Ha! I took a dna test back in 2012 when I retired . Turns out I'm still 99.7% Irish after 12 generations in the USA . Am I Irish American you ask ? Nope . I'm just American like everybody else .

robert said...

My families dominate trait is the famous Irish 75 watt nose by the way . Old family joke there .

TechieDude said...

"Turns out I'm still 99.7% Irish..."

My brothers spent dough to do that DNA test. Turns out we're 80% Irish (from the exact area where we already knew our grandparents were from) and 20% eastern eurpoean (from the area we know where one grandmother was from).

Big surprise.

That said, I've had epic arguements about Tullemore Dew vs. Jamesons. I'm a Jamesons Black fan myself.