Thursday, March 11, 2021

Dead Last

 US News and Word Report has listed the states according to a list of common metrics.  Louisiana has come in dead last.  While I don't completely disagree with that ranking, I do cast a jaundiced eye on the way they listed the states above us.

Washington State came in first.  That surprised me.  Not that I have anything against Washington state, but in all the lists of places I might like to live, or even visit, Washington never made the short list.  But, when I consider some o the states that are ranked, and watching people actually move to those states, I wonder about their ranking system.

Texas is 31.  Florida is 10, Tennessee is 29.  Missouri, a state near to Belle's heart, came in at 28. Minnesota is 2nd, and Utah 3rd.

I've heard good things abut Utah, but I wouldn't live in Minnesota on a bet.  They have Real Winter up there, something that I am decidedly opposed to.  But, if I won the Powerball, I might have vacation homes in Texas, or Missouri, or Tennessee.

Pore 'ol Louisiana.  Dead last.  50th in Crime and Corrections, 46th in Health Care,  48th in Education, and 47th in Economy,  Our Governor hasn't done a very good ob this year, but he's never done a very good job at anything.  Our legislature in ineffective and our roads suck.

I'm sure that these new rankings give solace to Mississippi (49) and New Mexico (48).  I like New Mexico.  I have two children in that state, and they both seem t be thriving.  Maybe I'll put that state on my short list of Powerball homes.


Judy said...

I noticed they have a problem with the desert states. And for some reason they are real thrilled about snow. What they didn't take into account was taxation for some reason. I live in Arizona now and was raised in Kansas. More of my money stays in my pocket and out of the local and state's hip pockets in Arizona. Groceries and utilities are cheaper here, too. Housing is the big down side to living here.

Anonymous said...

Desert states and rural states appear to be rated 'Not-So-Much'. Fine by me - I like less crowded places any way.

Jonathan H said...

I'm also skeptical of the ratings - not only in Texas 31, it is right after Illinois at 30. Those states are almost diametrically opposed in every listed category, yet are rated similarly...

dogsledder said...

Every time I have been in Louisiana, never been to New Orleans though, the people have been very friendly and I was very impressed. Just be thankful that liberals are not streaming into your state from the west coast.