Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tinkering In The Shop

 I was tinkering in the shop today and heard tires on gravel.  Grandson Quinton dropped by.  He had made a new purchase, and wanted to give ti a thorough cleaning and inspection before he used it this weekend.

Quinton is a school-trained 91F (Small Arms Repairman) and he keeps his tools in my shop.  He doesn't want to do this work in his apartment, and my shop is more condusive to that sort of thing.

It's a garden-variety AR, but the first one he's purchased by himself.  He pulled it all down, got the factory oil off of it, (and it was lousy with shipping oil), then reassembled it   He'll sight it in this weekend.  I haven't seen the boy in a couple of weeks, ad it was good to spend some time with him.


Old NFO said...

Having an 'in-house' gunsmith isn't a bad thing either!!! :-)

robert said...

The young feller will have a valuable trade when the economy finally goes udders up . Smart kid !