Friday, March 12, 2021

You're Missing The Whole Point, Joe

Ol' joe missed the whole point about Independence Day.

Joe (you worthless SOB), I don't need your permission to celebrate Independence Day.

Anyone who thinks we need the government's permission to celebrate Independence Day is truly missing the whole point.  As they say in the old joke, joe, "And the horse you rode in on."

Y'all have a great weekend.  I intend to take off my mask, do some shooting, and truly enjoy myself, without creepy joe's permission.

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robert said...

Heh!Heh! And the horse you rode in on ! Ha!Ha!Ha! My feelings Exactly . The north end of my township road here in these Buckeye hills has 9 homes on it . We all go down to Mr Gannons farm and set up targets at 100 yards and shoot most of the day . The interesting thing is we drink beer and shoot our pistols and revolvers . It gets real interesting sometimes ! Lots of fun though . The kids pick up the brass and sell it back to us . Good times ! They made me promise not to bring my Buntline Special anymore .