Friday, March 05, 2021

Intelligence Failures

 We see through a glass, darkly, and never more so than in the intelligence field.  Probably the greatest failure in American military intelligence was the failure to prepare for the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Naval Intelligence redeemed themselves six months later by laying a trap at Midway.

But, intelligence runs both ways.  By careful signalling, you can lead your adversary to believe that something is happening, to make him expend resources in a place where nothing is happening.  

We saw that yesterday.  The Democrats, and tier minions who should be serving everyone (the FBI, the Capitol Police, and other agencies) were convinced that there was going to be an insurrection on March 4, 2021.  They had pickup up internet chatter that led them to believe an attack was imminent.  Many of us who had done battlefield intelligence just grinned and waited.  Pelosi, et al, looked like fools.  Nothing happened.

This was an interesting experiment, as was the supposed insurrection on the afternoon of January 6th.  Those of us who spent our lives working such things know that the FBI, the Capitol Police, and others who testified in the aftermath lied to us.  This was not an armed insurrection.  The only guns at the Capitol belonged to the government.  If anything, it was more like a college frat party gone awry.  I'm not minimizing the death of those who we lost during the breach, but we must remember that the only person shot was sot by a government officer.

Now, two months later, the Capitol still resembles a prison, with fencing and concertina.  The National guard is still deployed in the Capitol, and Nancy Pelosi still cowers in her fear of the American people.  She is a disgrace and every person who supports her is complicit in her paranoia.

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Old NFO said...

And now they want to extend them for another 2 months, and put a PERMANENT presence there... sigh