Monday, March 08, 2021


 Did you notice the buzz.  Several sates announced plans to reopen their economies, and the depending on the political leanings of the government, the outrage became selective.  Glenn Reynolds  points out.

No uproar ensued. The state in question was, of course, deep-blue Connecticut. A day earlier, however, when the governors of Texas and Mississippi announced their states were reopening, they got a very different reception. When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also noted he will be lifting the statewide mask mandate, the liberal establishment reacted as if had vowed to personally inject the novel coronavirus into the bodies of Lone Star residents.

Connecticut is keeping the masks, but opening to a much broader extent than many states.   

I'm a hat-wearer.  For the past month o so, I've been keeping my mask in my hat.  When I'm out and about, I have my hat on, and if it is convenient, I'll the the mask out of my hat and put it on.  For mow  I'm noticing that fewer businesses are even noticing Oh, they all have the CYA sign at the door, but in actual practice, not so much.  Louisiana is opening whether the governor likes it or not.

It was all fun and games for a while, but now we're over it.  No one signed up for this and the people are tired of it.  We're not in open revolt, but we are in open contempt.  That is a bad place for the governor.  He believes that he is in charge.  We don't care what he believes.