Saturday, March 13, 2021

Biden's Concentration Camps

 It turns out, governing is hard.  Especially when  you have told the migrants that it's an easy trip and a free ride once they get here.  Messaging is everything.  So, what is going on at the border?  It's horrific.

According to the Associated Press, hundreds of detained migrant children and teenagers are crammed into a border facility tent waiting to be released. Some have been there a week, when the law says they can only spend three days in U.S. custody. There’s no room to practice social distancing, no soap for showers, and the kids aren’t allowed to call their relatives and let them know they’re okay.

These children (I'm assuming they are all minors) deserve better than tents, cramped living conditions, no soap for showers, and at least a phone call to their parents.  And, understand, I don't blame this on the Borer Patrol, I blame this on joe biden, who has no business being president in the first place.  These sound like concentration camps.

All Americans should be horrified, and all Democrats should immediately file articles of impeachment.  This is a human rights violation on a wholesale scale.

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Whatever said...

Nope. No American should give a damn. How many countries did these so called 'migrants' go through before they got to the US?

Not our problem. Throw them the hell out.