Thursday, March 18, 2021

Making Sense

 In this post yesterday, I mentioned that I had heard that by next month, all adults 18+ would be eligible to receive the vaccine.

One anonymous commenter said it made no sense for the young and healthy

I concur, but note that you're expecting any of this to make sense.

I was listening to a local talk radio show show yesterday.  They were interviewing the Commanding General of Fort Polk and one of them asked him about Covid at Fort Polk.  He answered that their 14-day rolling average was 2 or 3 cases for the entire pandemic.  He said that early in the pandemic, they took some precautions, but generally, soldiers are young and healthy, so they went on with the mission.

There is very little about the official response that makes sense, especially from an historical perspective.  We quarantined healthy people, and in some cases (nursing homes) moved sick patients into congregant settings, which seemed to spread the disease to the most vulnerable.  We designated entire segments of our society as "non-essential".  We restricted the rights of healthy people to the point where the economy of many areas virtually collapsed. We closed schools, deriving our children of education.

There isa growing body of evidence to suggest that none of it worked to slow the spread of the virus, and can only be explained as an attempt to re-make American society as a grand experiment in social engineering.  None of this makes any sense.


TechieDude said...

Everything they did made it worse.

The only way locking down people works is if EVERYONE is locked down until there are no more cases. Otherwise, soon as you open things up the virus gonna virus.

They should have warned everyone, gave advice how to stays safe, and let things happen.

I'd like to apply Hanlon's razor - never attribute malice where stupidity is a better explanation. But with these nobs, I constantly wonder if they are really that stupid? or are they doing it on purpose?

Stuart said...

From the article:

We quarantined healthy people...
We designated entire segments...
We restricted the rights...
We closed schools...

WE didn't do any of those things. Our overlords did.
Perhaps this is only semantics but I believe it is important.
THEY did this to us and should be held accountable.

Old NFO said...

Of course it made sense... To them...To control they population... Grrr!!!

BobF said...

Seems a parallel with gun control efforts. It is all from the same template, one of overreaction, and use of an issue (or in many cases a non-issue hyped to be an issue) as an excuse for action to control. The common denominator of control extends to every facet of governance by the fed regardless of party and by most democrat-controlled entities.