Wednesday, March 24, 2021

So, Let's Look At This

 The big distraction today is Seven Mass Shootings In Seven Days.

1.  Atlanta.  Some white dude lit up a massage parlor.  Tragic.White dude with a sex problem.

2.  Stockton, CA  Five people injured in a drive-by shooting.  Everyone shot was uncooperative. No mention of the shooter's race.

3. Gresham, OR.  Four people shot.  No mention of the shooter's race.  But, police report that traffic was not affected.

4.  Houston, TX.  Five shot in disturbance inside night club.  No mention of the shooter's race.

5. Philadelphia.  One killed, five wounded at an illegal party.  150 people present. No mention of the shooter's race.

6.  Dallas.  Some unknown person shot eight people at the Pryme Night Club.  No mention of the shooter's race.

7.  Boulder, CO.  Some Middle Eastern dude, Aloha Snackbar, shot 10 people in a grocery store.  Shooter mis-identified as a white dude.  Suddenly, everyone calling for gun control.  

The interesting part about these seven shootings, is that in only two instances were we able to immediately learn the race of the shooter.  In two instances, we know what kind of firearm was used

In other news, at least 21 were shot in what the media is calling "weekend violence" in Chicago this past weekend.  No mention of the shooter's race.  We can make educated guesses.

But, if you listen to the media, it's all about white dudes and AR-15s.


Termite said...

The south side of Chicago has had a bad crime problem since......forever.

Jim Croce wrote songs about it, in particular "Bab Bad Leroy Brown".

dogsledder said...

So only about two of these 20+ shootings including Chicago, matter. Because white man/black guns bad.
Politics as usual.

Termite said...

Bot Alert, Bot Alert!!

Jonathan H said...

According to FBIs definition of a mass shooting, which has been the standard in use for decades, only one of these is a mass shooting. The FBI defines a mass shooting at at least 4 dead, who are not family and also not gang or mob related.