Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Reparations, Huh?

 I see that Cedric Richmond is in the news.  Previous to the biden administration, he was the congress-critter our of New Orleans.  We in Louisiana know Cedric.   He's full of crap, and made the move from being an ineffective congressman to being a big shot in the crazy man's administration.

Cedric says that the White House is going to move on reparations.   You can read the whole thing at the link.

This is going to be a disaster, one that I'm going to sit out.  I predict that when the money actually starts to flow, we're going to see human nature come out in ways that no one wants to see.  Democrats are pissed, generally, at the biden administration on the basis of the lack of movement on the covid relief checks that he promised.  When they fail to deliver on reparations, when the money starts flowing in  unequal amounts, the rhetorical knives are really going to glitter int e moon light.

And, what they fail to realize, is that once the government pays reparations, "systemic" racism is over.  Finished.  Done.  They won't have that complaint any more.  Then, finally, we'll achieve King's dream.  We can judge a person on the quality of their character..

So, I"m sitting this one out.  If biden wants to write them all a check, I recommend a lump sum.  Do it once and get it done.  Then we can move forward.  I predict it will become a disaster, but a disaster that is firmly at the feet of the Democratic party.  This is going to be a lot of fun to watch.  nd, it will end systemic racism.


Steve said...

So, the recipients of reparations.....are they going to have to pay taxes on that largess?

TechieDude said...

It'll never be enough. They'll burn through that cash, and there'll be something else.

Reparations are a joke. Money taken from those that never owned slaves (1/2 my family came here in 1916, the other were treated worse that slaves) to those that haven't been slaves, and haven't had a slave in their family tree for generations.

And when that starts, there'll be others with their fists out for cash.

Termite said...

I'll leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e4HnBQgmTI

The Fairly Obvious Problem of Giving People "Reparations"

Best explanation I've heard so far.

dogsledder said...

I am absolutely IN FAVOR of reparations to all black CITIZENS of this country who are not happy here, providing that they renounce their citizenship and take a one-way ticket back to Africa. I would throw in a large bag of weed and a case of booze with it. I'm sure that they would be much happier where they are not oppressed for the color of their skin.

BobF said...

I am all for reparations as long as it is offset by the billions spent on various race-targeted support money spent since the Johnson administration. And if it comes out to be a negative sum the difference must be divided as payment from the targeted individual groups back to the government. "reparations" does not equal "gifting."

Bob said...

No reparations without African repatriation.

And if you think you'll somehow avoid being required to pay reparations, they'll simply promulgate it as a tax on all caucasian citizens in the US. Your employer will simply add it as a line on your bi-weekly pay statement, along with FICA and Medicare.