Monday, May 03, 2021

Keep Austin Weird

 Something strange happened in Austin, TX this weekend, but not like you would suppose.  The left-wing mayor had several propositions o the ballot, and one moderate group had a proposition to ban camping on public property in an attempt to clean up the homeless problem.

Austin is known for being a strange place, and the unofficial motto; Keep Austin Weird has been around for several years.  The city is considered a Democrat strong-hold.

But, the voters went to the polls, rejecting the mayor's left-wing agenda while simultaneously supporting the ban on public camping.  And, it wasn't even close.

One political analyst breaks down the voting.

Texas political data expert Derek Ryan laid out the facts of the election on social media Saturday night: “Here’s what you need to know about the Austin camping ban proposition as it heads towards victory. Only 20% of early voters were Republican Primary voters. 55% were Democrat Primary voters. The remaining had no primary history but based on modeling data, 75% of that group skewed Democrat.

If I'm reading that correctly, Democrats in Austin overwhelmingly rejected the mayor's left-wing proposals and decided to push back against an agenda that they didn't like.  That is good news for Austin and Texas, generally.  I hope that the movement for responsible government spreads across the whole country.


Steve said...

Hm, seems like the adults in Austin came out and overturned some of the children's demands. See folks it can be done. The adults, the normals in society have to start realizing that they really do know what's best for society.

juvat said...

A lot of the folks moving to Austin are moving out of California. Maybe there's hope they recognized the error of their ways and are trying a different approach.

One can only hope!

Termite said...

Nothing like stepping in a pile of human poop, or on a used needle, in the city park, to make one "see the light".....