Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The Camel's Nose

 There is a new rule being proposed by the US Dept of Education what would tie the teaching of Critical Race Theory to the awarding of federal education grants to local school districts.  I wasn't aware until I worked in the school system, bow much federal money comes to the local districts each year.  The amounts are mid-boggling.  For example, in my local school district, the Federal Programs budget is a little over $7 million.  This budget is targeted, but the loss of this money would be disastrous.

Multiply that $7 million by the number of school districts in the country and you get a idea of how muh money the pumps into local education, and how far the camel's nose has been pushed under the tent.

Gail Herriot at Instapunit talks about this process, and provides a link to help boost public comment in opposition to this new rule.  A quote from Gail's post:

Adam Smith is remembered for (among other things) his quip, “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” In context, he meant that it takes a whole lot to bring down a great and prosperous nation. Alas, no nation’s storehouse of “ruin” is infinite.   I can think of no more effective way to bring down the United States of America than to teach a generation of American children that their country is racist to the core.

 A direct link to the comment page is here.  If you are so inclined, go to the link and voice your opposition to Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools.

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robert said...

The country that was most responsible for eliminating slavery is racist huh ? And freedom is slavery ? Lies are truth ?