Saturday, May 01, 2021

Delicious 1794 Roast Beef! - Dutch Oven Cooking

I've been watching this guy's videos for a while, and I"m struck by how similar this particular recipe is to how I cook a roast today. I vary the seasoning some (I've never stuffed a n onion with cloves), but the process is remarkably similar to how I cook a roast today.

I've been a fan of Dutch ovens for as long as i can remember.  My grandparents used them, my parents used them, and I have several, with legs for outdoors and without legs for indoors.  Each of them gets used in their turn, for roasting, baking, and frying.

Sometimes I'll cut up potatoes to simmer in the mix, other times I'll boil the potatoes separately to make mashed potatoes.  It's simply a matter of daily preference.  Either way, this is one of my go-to recipes when I want something hearty that I don't have to watch carefully.  It takes about three hours, and requires very little between the time you put it in the oven and when you take it out.

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