Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Person Of Interest

 The Rapides Parish Sheriffs Office has issued an update on the homicide investigation related to the murder of my friend last week.

In the press release, they tell us that they have located the vehicle used in the crime, and that they have detained a "person of interest".  This confuses many people. A Person of Interest may of may not have participated in the crime, but may have information vital to solving it.  In this case, the vehicle was taken in a traffic stop, and the person behind the wheel is someone they want to talk to.  That parson may or may not be arrested, based on the interview that is sure to follow the traffic stop.

My prayer is that Jackson will be apprehended soon and safely.  The best of all outcomes would be for him to appear at the front door of the Courthouse with an attorney and submit to arrest peacefully.  Any other scenario might become very dangerous for everyone involved.

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Termite said...

Apparently Dixon contacted an attorney, and surrendered.

I would hazard a guess that:

(a) either he wasn't the trigger man, and wants to make a deal with the DA, or

(b) he saw how Facebook was blowing up with posts from residents in the Holloway/Deville area who knew David Paul and were posting that he(Dixon) and Jackson would be "shot on sight".