Sunday, May 16, 2021

Without Comment

Okay, this is odd.  Maybe some of you sailor-types can shed some light on this.  It seems like the Navy has been getting some UFO sightings recently.


John Galt said...

Im not a "Navy Type" but wanted to share a thought or two. I have noticed several times lately the US Govt or their agencies have released photos or film of UFOs OR have stated that what someone else reported was indeed a UFO and was not of US or any other Country origin. I think the US Govt either KNOWS for certain these are UFOs are real because they have ( private) contact OR have recovered crash sites OR They dont have contact but have seen so much evidence recently they dont even bother to lie about it anymore. I think that within the next 1-5 years We can expect the UFOs will make a public event by not only landing on Earth...but will do somewhere specifically to contact Earth/Humans.

Anonymous said...

UFO = Unidentified Flying Object, meaning they don't KNOW what it is, or who it belongs to.

Aliens? Given that any civilization more than about 100 light years away (the distance our earliest powerful radio signals have traveled) has no idea we're here, which is basically right next-door, I find it hard to believe anyone is visiting.

Termite said...

Perhaps those beings have discovered and can utilize a fifth dimension.

if we understand space to be three-dimensional, and time represents a fourth dimension, then the fifth dimension may bridge between two points in time and space.

Anonymous said...

That would still require our radio signals to pass thru that higher dimension/wormhole, or the aliens wouldn't know we're here. Space is too big to just go off at random and hope you find something, if aliens come here it's because they know we're here.

Mind, I'm fairly certain there ARE intelligent beings on other worlds, I just doubt that we've ever encountered them for the reasons given.

Mark D