Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 This is an interesting case that came out of the Supreme Court yesterday.  

Generally, it hold that the police cannot enter a home to seize firearms without a warrant.  The Cliff notes are here: 

Holding: Neither the holding nor logic of Cady v. Dombrowski justifies the removal of Edward Caniglia’s firearms from his home by police officers under a “community caretaking exception” to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.

What strikes me is that it is a 9-0 opinion.  Even the liberal side agrees that warrantless entries to seize firearms  are unconstitutional.

The full ruling is here.


Old NFO said...

One small step...

BobF said...

Agree on unanimous verdict being highly unusual. I read the full ruling and it is a powerful, though limited, piece. as is the Reply of Petitioner of Mar 12. That latter one is well worth reading.