Sunday, May 02, 2021

Horse Manure

 Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis says that critical race theory is a bunch of "horse manure".  I'm sure that he was trying to stay within the limits of polite conversation.

“And here’s the problem with things like critical race theory that they’re peddling.,” he continued. “They’re basically saying that all our institutions are bankrupt, and they’re illegitimate, okay so how do you have a society if everything in your society is illegitimate. So it’s a very harmful ideology and I would say really a race-based version of a Marxist-type ideology. So we’ve banned it in our schools here in Florida, and we’re not going to put any tax dollars to critical race theory. And we want to treat people as individuals and not as members of groups.”

Even VP Harris admits that America is not a racist country.  But, she claims, white supremacy is still a problem.

I don't know any white supremacists, do you?

Without the bugaboo of white supremacy and systemic racism, the Democrats really don't have anything left to run on.  The whole issue is a smoke-screen designed to separate people into discrete groups for the purpose of power and control.  Free Americans should reject those arguments at every opportunity.


BobF said...

Never met one either, but they MUST exist in LARGE numbers. The media say so. Booga booga booga.

Anonymous said...
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Termite said...

Critical Race Theory is nothing more than revamped Marxism, with a few different definitions.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I don't know any white supremacists, do you?

Well, no,,but I'm pretty sure the people who believe America is a hotbed of white supremacy would point to our lack of Knowing any and Call us oblivious to it. You can't win with these people.

TechieDude said...

If you call preferring not to live around or deal with Blecks white supremecy, I know more than a few.

I read a great article, that for the life of me I can't find. I think it was on Vdare, but it's crux was that Blacks need to make a decision whether they want to join civilized society, the american culture, like everyone else here or not.

I was at a convention this weekend. We have all kinds of members. The majority there were white, but a huge number (maybe 40%) were tejano or other hispanic. I counted maybe 10 black dudes. There were more philipino and vietnamese than blacks. Everything other than blacks matched the demographics of the area.

It made that article hit home.