Sunday, May 09, 2021

The Next Jimmy Carter

 Donald Trump, Jr., argues that the Biden administration is not so much he next FDR as the next Jimmy Carer.  I have to admit that there are some good metaphors there.

I remember the Carter years.  High fuel prices, raging inflation, spending out of control, a raging Russia, an ascendant Iran, a weakened military.  Those were not good years.  If fact, they were disastrous. Under Carter we had gasoline rationing, and interest rates over 10% at prime.  


robert said...

They called the Carter years " The Great Malaise" . It did suck . I was blackballed by the union and spent most of it in poverty . We were picking wild blackberries to feed our kids . Reagan turned it around quickly .

BobF said...

Carter's administration was one of two under which what I most remember was cannibalizing parts like mad to keep aircraft flying. We had no/few spares thanks to their idiocy.

dogsledder said...

Correction- under Carter, we had gasoline SHORTAGES, not rationing. I voted for Jimmy because he claimed to be a Christian. However, I soon regretted my vote and HATED every single day of his administration and every single action he made and word he spoke. He is single-handedly responsible for my conversion to a Reagan/Trump republican. Jimmy Carter was not only a crazy liberal, he was just not smart enough to be president. Another similarity to present day vice-president Biteme.
As far as the republicans are concerned, I will never vote for another republican. They did absolutely nothing to help President Trump in over four years, so FUCK THEM TOO. In fact, I will never vote again for anyone unless their last name is TRUMP.

Fred said...

Dogsledder, we are together in that. If Donald J. Trump is not our nominee this time I will not vote for president. One exception is DeSantis. If he keeps up like he is doing I would vote for him for Pres.