Friday, May 14, 2021

Faucci, Again

 Pore ol' Doc Faucci.  He's now urging "Fully Vaccinated Americans To ‘Make That Transition’ And Stop Wearing Masks Outside."

Hey, Doc, I have news for you.  Many of us stopped wearing masks six or eight weeks ago.  We're done with them.  No one really cares what you think anymore, Doc.  We're done with you.  Please shut up, you are boring is.

In other news, I got the pool pump fixed today, then ran up to the butchers for some good ground meat.  I cooked Belle and I an Oklahoma Onion Burger for lunch.

She has now left the acre, taking the dog to the vet for his yearly rabies and heartworm shot.  When she returns, I'm sure we'll declare Happy Hour.

Y'all have a good weekend.


robert said...

We do the sliders up here in the "Peoples Republik ' of Ohio . About the same but with dog meat if you live in Columbus , the capital city . Yeah , real inner city dog . Somali restaurants get a quarter a slider downtown . I hear they are only a dime in Cleveland . Real Somali cuisine . We go with grass fed Texas beef here on the homestead .

BWBandy said...

Burger looks good.