Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Push Is On

 Our petty tyrant governor said yesterday in a pres briefing that Louisiana is in pretty good shape as a state (regarding covid), but that if we started slipping, he woud not hesitate to impose some restrictions.

This morning, one of the NOLA health officials chided us for living.

Dr. Avegno said for the most part, New Orleanians are doing a good job at avoiding large, maskless gatherings, and people are wearing masks when in public. She said where people are getting tripped up is with the little things.

 "Where we're seeing spread right now, the majority of cases, is from people letting their guard down," said Dr. Avegno. "You go to play tennis with a friend, you go out afterwards, you keep the masks off, you sit next to each other, and then one of you comes up positive two days later and the other comes up positive the next day."

It's called living, doc, and Louisiana is a gregarious state.

I have done everything that our petty tyrant governor has asked me to do, and it's not good enough.  We stayed at home and slowed the spread, we wear masks when we're in public, we wash our hands frequently.  We've been doing this for eight months, and now that the holidays are upon us.they want us to destroy Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

They've closed our businesses, shuttered our churches, and nearly wrecked our education system, all on the advice of experts.  Experts who had never been elected to anything.  Experts who, for the most part, are protected civil servants and never put themselves forward for election.

It's one thing to listen to an expert, it's another thing to defer to them i matters of public policy.  If they wanted o make policy, they should have gone down to the Clerk's office and qualified to run for office. Instead, they opine about success, and in doing so, move the goalposts that we are all trying to achieve.  When it is tantalizingly in reach, they move it.  It's a never-ending battle to achieve success under expert rule.

At one point, the goal was positivity under 10%.  Now, the goal is under 5%.  It looks to me like they want it under 3%.  It's time to sink those goalposts in concrete and let us meet the goal.

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