Sunday, November 22, 2020

No Prisons?

 Hot Air, and PJMedia is reporting that BLM is pushing the Biden/Harris administration for some face-time to talk about the BREATHE act, which, among other things, puts forward a raod map to abolish federal prisons.  

One of the more prominent voices pushing for this bit of insanity is Patrisse Cullors, a name that pops up frequently in discussions involving BLM. As she told the Hollywood Reporter, this plan “provides for full decarceration of federal detention facilities within 10 years and enacts a moratorium on all new federal prison, jail, immigrant and youth detention construction.”

This is a great idea that flows logically from "defund the police'.  If the police aren't arresting folks, we certainly won't need prisons to put those people in. This sounds like a real unifying proposal, because  we deplorables won't need to worry if we ignore some as-yet-to-be-determined "assault weapons ban".  I can see a number of unintended consequences.

If the mission of the radical left is to fundamentally transform the American landscape, defunding the police seems like a great start, but abolishing the prison system is a left wing wet dream.  Until they realize that it works both ways.  Without the deterrent of prison, there is no real alternative to total chaos.  All that will be left for normal citizens to protect their lives and property is the ability to shoot intruders and stack them up like cordwood at the edge of the property.

If the left gets theri way, the next four years is going to be a wild ride.  


Old 1811 said...

Look on the bright side. If they abolish prisons, what can they do to you if you should happen to off someone who's in your house, robbing you on the street, or shining lasers in your face in an attempt to blind you during a peaceful protest?

Termite said...

"....stack them up like cordwood at the edge of the property."

dogsledder said...

Who here believes that the Harris communist regime will not have gulags, re-education camps, secret prisons, and mass executions ? No prisons indeed !