Monday, November 30, 2020

Anonymous, In Comments

 I'm having fun with this.  We have another Anonymous who seems to believe that he or she has all the answers. In pertinent part:

I'm a nurse and I've repeatedly seen the effect covid has on people. You may be one of the lucky asymptomatic ones

Funny you should mention that.  The gal I wake up beside every morning, known to readers as Belle, is a registered nurse.   She has practiced in a med/surg environment for forty years.  Most of my medical opinions are informed by her.  And, I do consider myself to be a lucky man, simply because she lets me hang out with her.  

Belle believes that masking is generally ludicrous, except in a surgical environment.  She goes along with it recently but thinks that it is socially expedient, not necessarily good medicine.  Don't get her started on Big Pharma.

Thanks for commenting.

If standing up for civil liberties is a problem, then I am the problem.


Sabre22 said...

The ONLY reason I wear a mask is to be able to get food and essentials because Almost every merchant (except the local Gun stores)REQUIRES masks. But almost all the idiots did not social distance. Last Thursday I was at a local restaurant getting dinner and NO ONE was social distancing while waiting to get their take out orders. Sheeple are fun to watch.

Termite said...

Regarding COVID-19, I'll leave this here:

Go read it. And if you aren't subscribed to Imprimis, a news letter sent out monthlybt Hillsdale College, you should be.