Sunday, November 15, 2020

Oregn Will Put You In Jail

It seems that the Oregon governor wants to put peope in jail for ignoring her most recent covid "freeze".  She's leery of using he word "lockdown" because it has a bad connotation. 

“For the last eight months, I have been asking Oregonians to follow the letter and the spirit of the law and we have not chosen to engage law enforcement. At this point in time, unfortunately, we have no other option,” the governor reportedly said over the weekend.

I have faith in the cops in this country, and I doubt seriously that any of my brethren would enforce such draconian measures. The county sheriff's need to get together and tell the governor to get a grip.  If you haven't convinced the proles to knuckle under by now, you're not likely to.

I hear she's jonesing for a spot in the Biden administration.   I also hear our petty tyrant Democrat governor is jonesing for a sot in the Biden administration.  Maybe creepy Joe could open a Bureau of Redundant Incompetence and staff it with Democrat governors.  It would be a great service to the nation.

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Jonathan H said...

She can threaten to do it - but can she ACTUALLY do it?
In most states (I'm not familiar with Oregon) the governor cannot create crimes or punishments - the legislature must do that, and like in most states, Oregon's governor refuses to work with her legislature on COVID.