Sunday, November 01, 2020

Sunday Election Fatigue

 Sunday, November 1st, and I'm over it.  Really.  I voted two weeks ago, and my vote is tallied, and I'm tired of this election cycle.  The volume will build to a crescendo, culminating on Tuesday night.

There is another named storm in the Gulf, Tropical storm, Eta.  As of right ow it doesn't look like it is going to bother us, but I'm over hurricane season, too. Between the elections, and the Covids, and the storms, this has been a rough year.

My adult daughter killed a deer yesterday, a smallish one, and she is a seasoned-enough hunter that she claims it is not Facebook worthy.  She said that it is the smallest legal deer she has ever seen, but I related a tale about a little buck I knocked down several years ago that was so small the other hunters in the camp accused me of hunting rabbits.

I'm going to finish this cup f coffee, then go out to the shop and start building Sunday dinner.  Today, the menu is bacon-wrapped stuffed meatloaf, Ouida potatoes, and baby lima beans, with rolls.

Y'all have a great and blessed Sunday.  This election madness will be over in a couple of days and we can get hack to something that approaches normal.  

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Anonymous said...

Small deer are easier to store and plan menus around for small groups. When soaked in ice for several days (successive bags - replace every 2 days), venison tastes better. I was skeptical,but my brother proved it to me.

I'm glad your daughter is a straight shooter - congratulations ma'am.