Saturday, November 21, 2020


 I went to the butcher shop this morning because I intend to cook a big ol' pot roast for lunch tomorrow.  My butcher is amenable to reasonable request, and when I asked him for a 5 lb chuck roast, he did his best.  The only problem was the first slice came out just a tad under 4 lbs.  

I told him to not worry about it, just cut me a bigger one, and I"d take both of them.

I've been thinking for a while about sokeing a chuck roast on the smoker, not unlike how I smoke brisket.  I figured they were both beef, and amenable to the same treatment.  So, when I got home, I fired up the smoker and set about giving that smaller roast a good salt-and-pepper rub.

The only two seasonings beef needs is salt and pepper.  You can put anything you want on your beef.  You are not going to hurt my feelings, but all it needs is salt and pepper.

I like to cook my smoked meat low and slow.  225-250F for as long as it takes.  I put that chuck roast in the smoker for five hours, then took it out and wrapped it in aluminum foil,  put it back in for another two hours.

I'll slice it in a bit, and we'll make sandwiches.

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dogsledder said...

The ABSOLUTE BEST way ro cook a roast is the rotisserie it on the grill. Next level roast beef ! You will like it !