Monday, November 23, 2020

What's Going On?

 The family was talking yesterday at lunch, and of course, politics came into the conversation, and I made the statement that either Sidney Powell was about to unload the biggest crime ever perpetrated on electoral politics, or she was barking batshit crazy.  I didn't see any other options to what I was seeing in the news.

At some point shortly thereafter, the conversation turned to firearms oddities, like the Chiappa Rhino and the Charter Arms Explorer pistol.  

We're watching a political drama play out, probably unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime.  The 2000 election was close, but I believe that this drama exceeds the "hanging-chad" drama because that one focused on bureaucratic incompetence, while this one seems to hinge on allegations of criminality.

This morning over coffee, I'd reading that the Trump campaign is distancing themselves from Powell.  She seems to have crossed some line that is causing consternation and they're cutting her loose.  That same article linked above also says that Georgia Republicans are threatening to boycott the Senate runoff because of Republican shenanigans.

There are things at play here that I don't understand.  But, I don't have time to understand them.  There are lots of things to do today, and I'd best get busy.


Stuart said...

These attorneys would not air their dirty laundry in public right off the bat. I believe they are trying to get Ms. Powell out from under financial & other rules and regulations that the administration is forced to live under. Just my take.

Termite said...

I wonder if she has discovered something so big that certain GOP politicians would get caught in the "back-blast", because it will be shown that they had knowledge and did nothing, OR..... that they actually benefitted from it.

Or it could be that she's "nutted up", as Moon Griffon says.

Jonathan H said...

My understanding, and it is 3rd hand, so take it for what you want, is that there are certain lawsuits and tactics that she can use on behalf of individual voters that the campaign cannot legally be involved in.

Also, I have read that she has uncovered problems on both sides of the aisle I presume the GOP won't want to be officially involved in punishing their own members...